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June 2011

Recent Donations to our Library

We are glad to announce that donations to our CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library just keep coming in from friends, students and researchers from all over the world.

Recently, Lissette Acosta-Corniel, a Ph.D. Candidate from the State University of New York at Albany and CUNY DSI Doctoral Fellow, donated the following rare books:

Juana de Sotomayor 001 La Vega y la Coronela Juana Saltitopa 001 Resplandores de gloria 001

Verges Vidal, Pedro L. Juana de Sotomayor: Heroína Dominicana. Santiago, República Dominicana: Imprenta Tavares-Santiago, 1935.

Lara Fernández, Carmen. Resplandores de gloria. Ciudad Trujillo: Editora Montalvo, República Dominicana, 1945. 

as well as a more recent publication: Pérez Stefan, Reynolds J. La Vega y La Coronela Juana Saltitopa. Colección Sociedad La Progresista.  La Vega: Impresora Universal, República Dominicana, 2005.

An underlying theme of these books is the life and legacy of Dominican women who left an imprint in both cultural and political life. Among these are writers, poets and educators Abigail Mejia, Ercilia Pepín, and Salomé Ureña; military leader Juana Saltitopa, and one of the first Dominican heorine Juana de Sotomayor. 

Los Rostros detras de las muñecas 001

Mary Ely Peña-Gratereaux donated a copy of her most recent publication: Los rostros detrás de las muñecas: Voces desde la fábrica. New York: Cayena Publications, 2011. This book is part of an ongoing project to document the stories of the Dominican population in New York. Dr. Peña-Gratereaux has donated all Cayena Publications materials as well as books from her personal library. We are very thankful for her support.




Unplugged 001 “Unplugged”: A new art thesis added to our growing collection of theses and dissertations

From Atlanta, Georgia, artist Pilar Martínez (Pimart) sent us “Unplugged” (2010), a thesis she wrote to obtain a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. Based in Atlanta, Martínez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Her thesis deals with issues of immigration, race, identity and popular culture.  She also donated a digital copy of her dissertation.


Ana I. García Reyes, Director of International Programs & Special Assistant for Community Relations at Eugenio María de Hostos Community College, CUNY DSI founding member and a great supporter to our Library donated the following book:

  Diccionario de la literatura dominicana 001 Gutiérrez, Franklin. Diccionario de la literatura dominicana biobibliográfico y terminológico. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Ediciones de Cultura, 2010.

 This is is a revised second edition that traces the trajectory and development of Dominican literature through some of its main protagonists. Written by Franklin Gutiérrez, this book includes biographical sketches and essays, bibliographical entries and literary terms –all this accompanied by 312 photographs.