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Some audiovisual resources on Juan Bosch available at our DSI Library

Below please find some of the audiovisual materials available at our CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library on Professor Juan Bosch who was a Dominican author, politician, and social scientist.

For more background information on Juan Bosch we recommend you view this excellent DVD in Spanish from our library’s audiovisual collection:

Elcaminodelahistoria270Juan Bosch: el camino de la historia. Produced by Guillermo-Piña Contreras. Santo Domingo, 1999. Color; 49 minutes. DVD.

This seminal biopic on Dominican writer and politician Juan Bosch looks at his early career and family upbringing, his political development and concerns about the social conditions of the peasantry as well as his exile in several Latin American countries during the Trujillo dictatorship. Kindly donated by CPEP(Comisión Permanente de Efemérides Patrias).

Juanboschendoscuentos273Juan Bosch en dos cuentos. Produced by Felix Germán. Santo Domingo, 2009. Spanish. Color; 26:50 minutes. DVD.

This digital film brings to the screen two short stories ("En un Bohío" and "Luis Pie") written by renowned Dominican author Juan Bosch. The film adaptation captures the social reality of Dominican rural life during the tumultuous decades of the 1920s and 1930s. Donated by CPEP(Comisión Permanente de Efemérides Patrias).

Vivirá: HomenajeVivira271 a Juan Bosch de Manuel Jiménez. Produced by Cundeamor Music. Santo Domingo, 2008. Spanish. 89 minutes. CD

This 2-disc CD arranged by Dominican composer Manuel Jiménez pays tribute to Juan Bosch whose work as author, politician and social scientist left an ever-lasting mark in 20th century Dominican life. Featuring Víctor Víctor, Claudia Serra, Luis Ángel, Sexappeal, Joe Vasconcelos, Sonia Silvestre, Sergio Pérez, J ennifer Pion, Ana Belén, Frank Reyes, Beethova Obas, Luis Díaz, José Antonio Rodríguez, Neo Ken, Sergio Vargas, Tambores de San Millán, Danny Rivera, Félix D’Oleo, Silvio Rodríguez, La Loba and Víctor Manuel.

Amaury Rodríguez

Library Research Assistant


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