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U.S. government declassified documents on the Dominican Republic at DSI

Music Recording by Irka Mateo at DSI

Professor Sarah Aponte would like to thank Dominican musician, researcher and educator Irka Mateo for donating Anacaona, her 2009 music CD album, to the Dominican Library. We met Irka Mateo during the International Dominican Writers Book Fair which took place last month in Washington Heights, New York. During the opening ceremony, Irka Mateo was honored for her solid musical work and her contribution to the dissemination of the Dominican folkloric idiom rooted in the indigenous Taino culture, a shared legacy of both Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Anacaona. USA: Irka Mateo/Socan, 2009.


This 10-track compact disk features Irka Mateo’s explorations into the rich and varied world of Dominican Folklore music preserved to this day by peasants from the most isolated and neglected areas of the country.  Her music blends pop instrumentation with African and Taino percussion to create a soothing sound accompanied by versatile lyrics in Spanish which re-create the lost Taino world with tales of resistance, love and survival that are at the core of this musical offering. In spite of all the references to the past, this music remains new and modern.There lies its originality and, ultimately, its universal appeal.

Amaury Rodríguez, Library Research Assistant


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