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Monograph on freed U.S. slave emigrants of 1824 to Dominican Republic. Samana

Prof. Sarah Aponte would like to thank Dr. Dona F. Minaya for donating Freed U.S. Slave Emigrants of 1824 to Dominican Republic, a new addition to our growing collection of bibliographical materials. (To find more resources on Samana at DSI Library and other CUNY schools we recommend you to search the CUNY+ catalog)

Minaya, Dona F. Freed U.S. Slave Emigrants of 1824 to Dominican Republic. Samana, Dominican Republic: Samana College Research, 2012.

Published by the Samana College Research Center, this research monograph provides a comprehensible overview of the 1824 freed U.S. slave emigration to Samana province in the Dominican Republic. The author reconstructs the unique U.S. free slave emigration experience to Samana by looking at primary sources dating back to the 19th century as well as the 1871 Report of the Commission of the Inquiry to Santo Domingo published during the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885). This study covers some of the most important social, economic and cultural aspects of this historical event whose implications still resonate today. Among some of these are U.S interests in Samana, the role of Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), cultural identity of U.S freed slaves, racism, religion, gender and family structure, modes of production, government and political structure, modes of transportation, health and education, the court system and legal disputes, revolutionary upheaval in Dominican Republic, Dominican military leader Gregorio Luperón (1839-1897) among others.


Illustration in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, January 28, 1871. Original caption read: "Santo Domingo Commission. Address by Frederick Douglass to the negro colonizers from the United States, in the city plaza of Samaná, before the alcalde. January 28th. From a sketch by James E. Taylor, our special artist accompanying the expedition". (Public domain text and image from Wikipedia)

This publication is of interest to those working on the Monroe Doctrine, U.S. foreign relations. U.S Latin American relations, U.S annexation plans of Samana Bay, annexation treaties between the U.S and the Dominican government, African-Americans in the Dominican Republic, the Haitian Revolution and its geopolitical impact Jean Pierre Boyer, Protestantism in the Dominican Republic, African-American Spirituals, morphology of Spanish language in the Dominican Republic and Anglicism in the Dominican Republic.

A PDF version is available here.

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