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Keiselim Montás donates "Allá (diario del transtierro)"

Prof. Sarah Aponte would like to thank Keiselim A. Montás for donating his most recent publication to our Dominican Library

MontasAllá (diario del transtierro). New York; New Hampshire: Zompopos, 2012, is a collection of poetry put together throughout approximately 20 years from a diary that spans 15 volumes. Keiselim Montás divides his poems into 5 chapters, each respectively titled: "Trabazón de pueblo", "Ilación de la escritura", "Parentesco con los prójimos", "Maridaje al diario", and "Concomitancia con el mundo". Each chapter begins with a brief description, letting the readers know that it tells a different story from the ones before and after it. Each poem, within the chapter, comes stamped with date, time, and location, in order to give us a slightly detailed context. Montás takes us with him to many places, where he shares his deepest feelings, attitudes, and thoughts, which include his native Dominican Republic, New York, New Mexico and New Hampshire among others. This book is written in Spanish and will be great for those researching literature, Dominicans in the Unites States of America, or Keiselim A. Montás.

Antonio Perez, Library Intern


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