Five social science resources by Juan Bosch
iASO Records donates music albums to our Library

Professor Catherine Rovira donates a collection of Dominican Studies resources to DSI

Prof. Sarah Aponte would like to thank John Jay College Professor Emeritus Catherine Rovira for making a generous donation comprising of 105 volumes which includes literary and academic journals, books, and anthologies. With this donation, our collection on Dominican Studies is complimented and expanded; Dr. Rovira enhances our library’s ability to better serve students, researchers and the general public. (Below find three of the materials she donated with a brief description).

Dr Catherine Rovira Scans - poesia afroantillana

Morales, Jorge
Luis. Poesía afroantillana y negrista
(Puerto Rico- República Dominicana-Cuba)
. Río
Piedras, Puerto Rico:
Editorial Universitaria
Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1976.

Published by the University of Puerto Rico, this
anthology examinesthe contribution of Spanish- Speaking
afro-Caribbean poets in the Americas. Jorge Luis Morales,
a noted Puerto Rican contemporary poet, reviews the
changing attitudes towards the element of negritude in
Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban poetry over the
years. A representative selection of poems by Hispanic-
Antillean poets, are also included in the index. This
publication is of interest to those working on afro-
Dominican literature, and literary trends in the
Dominican Republic and the rest of the Americas.

Dr Catherine Rovira Scans - panoramas

Bosch, Juan. Crisis de la Democracia de América en
la República Dominicana. Mexico: Centro de Estudios
y Documentación Sociales, A.C., 1964.

Juan Bosch (1909-2001) dedicates this first edition 
publication to José Francisco Peña Gómez, who at the
time was a supporter of Juan Bosch, then leader of the
Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD). The backdrop to
this book is Bosch own experience as the first
democratically-elected president of theDominican
Republic post-dictatorial period who was overthrown in
a military coup in September of 1963. As a result of his
overthrow he examines what social and political
structures at the time contributed to Dominican
Republic’s inability to practice democracy. This book is
essential reading to political science and history students
as well as  researchers working on Democracy in the
Americas, the post-dictatorial period in the Dominican
Republic, Juan Bosch, and the 1963 military coup in the
Dominican Republic, among others.

Dr Catherine Rovira Scans - la poesia dominicana

Flores, Baeza Alberto. La poesía dominicana en el
siglo XX
. Santiago, República
Dominicana: Universidad
Católica Madre y Maestra, 1976.

First published in 1976, this book is an anthology of
Dominican poets from 1883 to 1943. It intertwines with
concepts of history, literary criticism, and comparative
literary styles. It also investigates four literary
movements:  Modernism, Vedrinismo, Postumismo and Los
Triálogos and how these movements shaped the writing
within this 70 year period. Among the writers included we
find Pedro Henríquez Ureña (1884-1946), Aída Cartagena
Portalatín (1918-1994), and Federico Henríquez y
Carvajal(1859–1935), among others. This publication is of
interest to those working on Dominican literature,
artistic movements and literary trends in the Dominican
Republic and the rest of the Americas.

Jhensen Ortiz

Dominican Library Intern









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