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Professor Dulce María Gray donates her new book to DSI

Maria Farazdel donates her books to DSI

Professor Sarah Aponte would like to thank Maria Farazdel who donated her books Entre voces y espacios/ Amongst Voices and Spaces and Poetic Reflections: My Little Paradise at the 6th annual Hispanic/Latino Book Fair of New York.

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Entre voces y espacios
(Charlston, WV: Obsidiana Press, 2012) is a poetry book with 80 different poems.All poems are presented in Spanish and English, giving the reader a look into the bilingual mind of María Farazdel. Since the poems are presented in both languages this book serves as great material for monolingual speakers or those looking to expand knowledge of one language with help from the other. In Entre voces y espacios the poet succeeds in saying plenty with few words. When it comes to Farazdel’s poetry looks sure can be deceiving since the poems are composed of short stanzas but, have plenty of content.


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My Little Paradise
(Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Corporation, 2010)  is a collection of poetry based on the feeling of longing to return to ones homeland. Farazdel shares her feelings towards missing, obtaining, and then letting go of her “little paradise”, the Dominican Republic. She misses the island but most of all she misses the times she had.The poetic voice returns to the island but must leave again, to her new home. The book is composed of several poems printed on pages with personal photographs taken during her stays in the Dominican Republic; it creates a visual presentation of the words and feelings she expresses.


These two poetic collections are available for anyone interested- in/researching Dominican Republic, Dominicans, Dominican Literature, Contemporary literature, Bilingual Speakers, and/or María Farazdel.

Antonio Perez, Library Intern


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