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The Faces Behind the Dolls /Los Rostros Detrás de las Muñecas

Prof. Sarah Aponte would like to thank Mary Ely Peña-Gratereaux for donating her important documentary The Faces Behind the Dolls /Los Rostros Detrás de las Muñecas to our Dominican library.


The Faces Behind the Dolls /Los Rostros Detrás de las Muñecas. Cayena Publications. Directed by Freddy Vargas. New York, 2012. Spanish/English. Color; 75 minutes. DVD.

This film is an acknowledgment to the immigrant labor workers in New York City, especially those at the Madame Alexander Doll Company.It illustrates the lives of Dominican women and their labor experiences with Madame Alexander Doll Company.The film also features the work and history of Madame Alexander Doll Company that has charmed children and adults all around the world from Queens, businesswomen, and actresses to world leaders.The documentary also highlights the uncertainty of the women as they strive for a better live for their families. Their voices and stories are a focus of the larger narrative of globalization and the effect it has on the lives of immigrants as they incorporate themselves into the U.S. Labor market.   

The Faces Behind the Dolls is an important resource for researchers, students and readers who are interested in the Dominican labor experiences in the U.S., Globalization, and Dominican immigration.

Jhensen Ortiz

Library Research Intern