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Frank Taveras YouTube Channel an emphasis on Dominican life and folklore.

Frank Taveras YouTube Channel is the work of Frank Taveras who on his own time records and uploads videos to his YouTube channel on the music, folklore, and life of Dominicans.This is an important online resource because there are very few channels like this one dedicated to the historical and cultural legacy of Dominicans. Frank captures in his videos the experiences of blackness through musical traditions like Sarandunga, Palos, Gaga, Perico Ripiao, and many more. His passion for documenting all parts of the culture is necessary and essential to educate others on the significance of Dominicans most early and authentic forms of Dominican popular culture. The channel draws a variety of visitors and it is appreciated by the majority who come across his channel. The collection is comprised of more than 72 edited videos. This channel shares the same motivation to expand and build the preservation of the historical and cultural legacy of Afro Dominican traditions in the Caribbean as Videoteca Chango Prieto [Chango Prieto Video Library].This amazing online resource reflects on the collective legacy of African arts, customs and social life in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region. 

This channel is recommended viewing to students, researchers, anthropologists, folklorists, musicians, artists as well as the general public. Some of the things you will find are: interviews, Afro-Caribbean music, carnival celebrations, funerary rites, syncretic religion systems, Dominican dance traditions.

Jhensen Ortiz


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