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Interior: Harvests of the Dominican Republic at CUNY DSI

Images from the book Interior: Harvest of the Dominican Republic will be on view from May 9th, to September 6.


Interior: Cosechas de la República Dominicana / Interior: Harvests of the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: VICINI, 2013.

The amazing photographic exhibition is based on yet another successful collaboration that produced this publication that vividly depicts the agriculture of the Dominican Republic. The book contains photographs based on some of the main crops and their harvest cycle.  In addition, Executive President Felipe A. Vicini perfectly describes the contents of this publication, “It reveals, as suggested by its title, the bounty of the soil, together with the intervention of man in the process and highlights the production areas located throughout the country” (Interior, English introduction pg. [iv]) The photographs were taken by Miriam Calzada, Eladio Fernández and Pedro Genaro who captured beautifully the harvest and plantations in the Dominican Republic as well as the laborious work in planting, cultivating, and gathering of crops. The contributions of Carlos Despradel and the Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD) made this publication possible.

This photo exhibition depicts a diverse range of traditional export crops and root and tubers include la yucca/ yuca, el guadul/ pigeon pea, la habichuela/ kidney bean, el Tabaco/ tobacco, La Lechosa/ Papaya. Furthermore, this book aims to articulate the history of agriculture in the Dominican Republic and origins of the crops in general. For many this will be a reference to the expansion of the Dominican Republic’s agriculture from its foundation in the sugar industry to the diversity you see in the industry today with so many different crops with economic importance in the country. The book is now available to the general public for perusal at the CUNY DSI library in New York City.

Interior: Harvests of the Dominican Republic exhibit is also on view at Center for Worker Education (CWE) 25 Broadway, New York City.

Jhensen Ortiz