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Cañete's El exilio español


Chief Librarian Sarah Aponte would like to thank Prof. Carmen Cañete Quesada for her kind visit and for donating her book to our library.

Cañete, Quesada C. El exilio español ante los programas de identidad cultural en el Caribe insular, 1934-1956. Madrid: Iberoamericana, 2011. Print.

This book examines the lives of three Spanish Civil War exiles that at one point during their time in exile lived in or two of the following Caribbean islands: Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. These three men are established in the core of Hispanic literature — Juan Ramón Jiménez, María Zambrano, and Eugenio Granell. In her introduction, she establishes the reasoning for choosing these three writers in an effort to explore how these figures reveal particular subthemes of exile: cultural insularity, race, nationality, the politics of the islands in conjunction with the fraught politics of Spain in the aftermath of a devastating war, geography (a lost geography and a found one) as a motivation for writing (Ugarte, 232). Furthermore, this is an important book for students, faculty, and the public seeking a better understanding and appreciation of Spanish Civil War exile experience in the Spanish Caribbean.

For an in-depth review of the book, please see: Romanische Forschungen, T. 126, vol. 4 (December 2014), Retrieved from

Jhensen Ortiz

Assistant Librarian


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