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January 2017

Prof. Anne Eller donates her first book to the Library

Prof. Sarah Aponte would like to thank Anne Eller, Assistant Professor of History at Yale University for donating her recent publication to the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library.


Eller, Anne.We Dream Together: Dominican Independence, Haiti, and the Fight for Caribbean Freedom. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2016.

This book breaches the prevailing falsehoods surrounding the conflict between the Dominican Republic and Haiti by analyzing the complicated history of Dominican emancipation and independence between 1822 and 1865. Prof. Eller brings forth in her research the inclusiveness lacking in the small body of writing by Dominican elites. At the heart of the anti-colonial struggle is a story not often told of cooperation and collaboration between both countries in popular histories of identity, community, and deep archival research. More importantly, the book rewrites the nineteenth-century narrative in a broader context that helps readers understand beyond the fatal conflict narrative between the two nations.

We Dream Together is an essential resource for researchers, students and readers who are interested, Dominican and Haitian 19th Century History, Dominican-Haitian identities, and Dominican-Haitian relations. 

Assistant Librarian 

Jhensen Ortiz