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Here Comes Calico! The First Dominican American Superhero

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library would like to thank Dominican writer, creator, and founder of Sigma Comics, H.H. German, for donating issues #1 and #2 of Here comes CALICO. CALICO is a new indie-comic book character named Hector Gil, with roots in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic, where he first experienced violence and abusive behavior towards animals.

  Calico-cover_orig (1)Here Comes CALICO. Issue #1 Cover.  CoverHere Comes CALICO. Issue #2 Cover.
In issue #1, Hector was bullied early on as a kid for being a "Dominican York," a term used to describe an American-born person of Dominican ancestry raised in New York City. The comic establishes these two parallel stories of Calico as a small boy confronted by a rich bully named "Guillermito" and of people who hurt innocent animals in a passionate, graphic, and uncensored way. Hector, a former boxer and mixed martial artist from the streets of the Bronx, takes vengeance against those who abuse and kill animals. The comic is for mature audiences willing to go on these vigilante justice adventures delving into the world of animal abuse, racial injustice, environmental crises, and gentrification. 

Furthermore, H.H. German makes carefully intended references in both issues #1 and #2 on Dominican culture while still tackling these topics. For example, in issue # 2, there is a scene while Calico is walking through the streets of the South Bronx that accurately captures the look of different businesses in the neighborhood. Such as "Cuchifritos Tito's," popular establishments specializing in various fried foods from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. 

Bronx-sceneHere Comes CALICO. Issue #2: Neighborhood view.

In the next scene from issue #2, Calico is driving to Washington Heights, the historic and predominantly Dominican community in upper Manhattan, while talking about baseball and the sense of pride Dominicans feel about the game. The Boston Red Sox was playing the New York Yankees in the story that night. The commentary that follows alludes to the evident success of Dominican ballplayers Pedro Martínez, Manny Ramirez, and David Ortiz, who helped the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 2004 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

DominicansHere comes CALICO.  Issue #2: Driving to Washington Heights.

The reader will appreciate these references and the creative approach that H.H. German took to represent his community and provide a voice for a topic that does not get nearly enough media coverage: animal abuse. 

We recommend Here Comes Calico for adults interested in unique comics with excellent illustrations and honest storytelling. We look forward to receiving the next seven issues in the series! 

Note: Here comes CALICO was written by German, H.H. and illustrated by Javier Orabich and Daniel Grimaldi. The cover was created by Garnabiel.

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