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Donor spotlight: Kianny N. Antigua

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library would like to take a moment to acknowledge the generous donations of Dominican fiction writer, poet, and translator Kianny N. Antigua to our library over the years. Antigua has been a long-time supporter of the Dominican Library, which is located at The City College of New York, where she received her B.A. and M.A. degrees. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Spanish at Dartmouth College and a freelance translator and adapter for Pepsqually VO & Sound Design, Inc. Antigua has published twenty-two children's literature books, four short stories, two books of poetry, an anthology, a book of micro-fiction, a novel and a magazine. She has won sixteen literary awards, and her writings appear in various anthologies, textbooks, magazines, and other media. Some of her stories have also been translated into English, French, and Italian.

Antigua recently donated the book Literary Works by 10 Dominican Women, a tribute compilation to ten transcendental Dominican women writers who have lived or live outside of the Dominican Republic: Camila Henríquez Ureña, Rhina Espaillat, Mélida García, Osiris Mosquea, Josefina Báez, Aurora Arias, Yrene Santos, Marianela Medrano, Sussy Santana and Rosa Silverio. The anthology was originally published in Spanish by the Dominican Writers Association in 2019 (10 dominicanas de letras: Homenaje & antología). Antigua compiled and edited this anthology in its entirety.

Allow us to share an amusing detail about Kianny Antigua’s donations; sometimes the publications arrive with sticky notes or dedications that warm our hearts. We deeply appreciate them.

Ten Dominican Women book cover
Antigua, Kianny N. 10 Dominican women. New York: DWA Press, 2021

Note from Antigua
Here is a selection of Kianny’s adult and scholarly publications available at the Dominican Library:

Antigua DSI Library publications
From left to right: El expreso (2004), 9 Iris y otros malditos cuentos (2010), Cuando el resto se apaga (2013), El tragaluz del sótano: cuentos (2014), Extracto (2015), Caléndula (2016), and Un zompo peculiar (2018).

Here is a selection of Kianny’s children books available at the library:

Antigua DSI Library childrens book
From left to right: Mía, Esteban y las nuevas palabras/Mía, Esteban and the New Words (2004), El canto de la lechuza (2015), Al revés/ Upside down (2016), Elementos (2016), Greña/Crazy Hair (2017), Con luz propia: Camila Henríquez Ureña (2020), Kiara y el virus/Kiara and the virus (2020).

Once again, we would like to thank Kianny for her commitment in donating all her publications to the library as soon as they are off the press and for enriching not only our collection, but also our patrons who otherwise would not have access to her work.

¡Muchas gracias Kianny!

Prof. Sarah Aponte, Chief Librarian
Jhensen Ortiz, Librarian


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