Generous Donors

President of Fundación Refidomsa Félix (Felucho) Jiménez donates unique Dominican music collection to the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library

Chief Librarian Prof. Sarah Aponte would like to thank Mr. Félix (Felucho) Jiménez for his generous music collection donation to our CUNY DSI Library. We would like to acknowledge CUNY DSI Director and Sociology Professor Dr. Ramona Hernández for her continuous support to the library.

Dr. Herandnez Felucho Jimenez and Dean Andy Rich
From left to right: Dr. Ramona Hernandez (CUNY DSI Director), Felucho Jimenez (Refidomsa President), and Dr. Andy Rich (CCNY School of Colin Powell Dean)

This important donation includes a Dominican music anthology conceived and compiled by Dominican economist, politician, and writer Félix (Felucho) Jiménez, who supervised the production of the entire project. Divided into seven collections, the anthology includes folkloric and romantic songs, as well as classical and popular music. The 24 CD collection contains 1,588 songs. In addition, each album offers a CD booklet with extensive liner notes with the names and biographies of orchestras, musicians, and composers. This comprehensive collection encapsulates a stylistic and historical panorama of Dominican music, from big band merengue to countryside palos, mangulina, bachata, carabiné, son, fusión, and baladas pop. The anthology attests to the rich diversity of genres, composers, and interpreters of Dominican music and its contributions to Caribbean culture.

Felucho Jimenez donation 2 Felix (Felucho) Jimenez with donated materials

List of donated materials received from Mr. Jiménez to be part of the CUNY DSI growing music library collection:

Jiménez, Félix. Antología musical: Luis Kalaff & Luis Rivera, Bullumba Landestoy & Moisés, Billo Frómeta & Mario de Jesús. Santiago de los Caballeros, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2019.

Jiménez, Félix. Canto a Quisqueya. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2019-2020.

Jiménez, Félix. Clásicos Dominicanos Vol.1-6. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2008.

Jiménez, Félix. Orquestas y Conjuntos dominicanos del siglo XX Vol. 1-6. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2019-2020.

Jiménez, Félix. Voces dominicanas de ayer y siempre Vol. 1-4. Santiago de los Caballeros, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2019-2020.

Jiménez, Félix. Canción romántica dominicana Vol. 1-3. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2019-2020.

Jiménez, Félix. Un siglo de música dominicana Vol. 1-3. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Fundación Refidomsa, 2020.

Felucho Jimenez donation

Once again, we are grateful for this kind donation. This music collection is of interest to those conducting research on Dominican traditional music, Dominican popular music, Dominican classical music, and musical collaborative projects.

Jhensen Ortiz, Librarian


Juan Pujadas donates part of his wife’s personal library collection

Dra. Estrella Betances de Pujadas
Dr. Estrella Betances de Pujadas, Courtesy of Juan Pujadas

Earlier this year, library assistant Matthew Santana and I went on a trip to Sleep Hollow, New York to choose books from the vast library of Dr. Estrella Betances de Pujadas (1935-2004), professor, poet, and author of several books.

Donation overlook
All of the 244 materials donated to the library.
Donation  more books
A close up of the diversity of books donated.
More books
The book donated range from pamphlets, magazines, academic journals, and rare books.

We would like to acknowledge Sam Gonzalez, a neighbor and friend of the Pujadas family for contacting us and letting us know about this amazing personal collection of books, magazines, maps, and many other pertinent materials related to Dominican history and culture.

This collection is unique because it captures Dr. Estrella Betances de Pujadas research interest as well as her family’s personal experience with Trujillo's tyranny represented in her thesis "The influence of Rafael Trujillo in Dominican Literature" in 1991. The scope and historical importance of many of the works in this collection are extraordinary. In fact, her personal book collection will enrich our library’s ability to provide primary and secondary sources to students, researchers and the public interested in Dominican studies as well as support contemporary literature and political history of Latin America and the Caribbean region. Our blog is glad to highlight a few books from her collection:

Flores tropicales 1
Soler, y Meriño Mariano A. Flores Tropicales. Madrid: Imprenta. de Bailly-Baillière e Hijos, 1909.
Flores tropicales 2
A close up of the title page of Flores Tropicales.  


This collection contains several out of print and valuable books such as a first edition copy of Flores Tropicales [Tropical Flowers] (only two printed copies on WorldCat are currently available to general readers). This historic collection of literary essays by poet Mariano A. Soler y Meriño featured a prologue by prominent poet, essayist, and columnist Gastón Fernando Deligne considered one of the great poets in Dominican literature of the late 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.

Hotel brochures
One of the most expansive collections of hotel brochures, magazines, programs related to Dominican tourism going as far back as 1939!

The donation contains a program highlighting the Dominican Republic’s participation in N.Y. World’s Fair (1939); and The Fair of Peace and Fraternity of the Free World (Feria de la Paz y Confraternidad del Mundo Libre), an international world's fair that took place during the Trujillo Era in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1955-56). It also includes postcards and maps of Santo Domingo during the Trujillo Era. In addition, there are Dominican tourism brochures from 1960s and 1970s that display the popular hotels, beaches, entertainment attractions from those decades.

Familias dominicanas
Volumes I, II, and III of Familias Dominicanas.

This set of volumes of the book Familias Dominicanas [Dominican Families] first published in 1967 by Academia Dominicana de la Historia [Dominican Academy of History] was written by Carlos Larrazábal Blanco, a founding member and honorary president of the Instituto Dominicano de Genealogía [Dominican Institute of Genealogy]. These three books are an important reference on the origins of Dominican family surnames and a valuable resource for anyone interested in conducting genealogical research on their family history.

Cocina Dominicana
Donated Dominican cookbooks and recipes to the library.

Classic Dominican cookbooks and recipes are also part of the collection:

Bornia, Ligia. La Cocina Dominicana. Santo Domingo: Editora Taller, 1979.

Betances de Pujadas, Estrella. Recipes of Santo Domingo/ Recetas Dominicanas. Santo Domingo: Editora Amigo del Hogar, 1973.

Recetas Dominicanas: Dominican Recipes. Santo Domingo: Ladies Guild of Santo Domingo, 1977.

Henríquez de Pou, Silvia. Mujer 2000: Recetas de Cocina. Santo Domingo: Editora Amigo del Hogar, 1988.

Dra. Estrella Betances de Pujadas’ book of classic Dominican recipes Recipes of Santo Domingo/ Recetas Dominicanas is a welcome addition to our collection. She published the book when she was chair for the Ladies Guild in Santo Domingo who later published their own Dominican recipes in 1979. This book was a second edition republished to raise funds for the “School of Special Education” in Santo Domingo.

These are the books published by Dr. Estrella Betances de Pujadas and available at CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library:

Betances de Pujadas, Estrella, and Carlos F. Pérez. Origen y proyecciones del Protectoralismo Dominicano. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Editora Alfa y Omega, 1979.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. Unos cuentos para padres con sus niños. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Editora Corripio, 1980.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. Perico Grillo se va a Nueva York y otros relatos. Madrid, España: Asociación Literaria Calíope, 1999.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. De las entrañas de las criaturas y de la tierra. U.S.: publisher not identified, 1999.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. Desde la sima de lo mundano, hasta la cima de lo espiritual. U.S.: publisher not identified, 1999.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. Entre bromas y entre veras, síntesis y moralejas. Madrid, España: Asociación Literaria Calíope, 2000.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. Asuntos dominicanos: literatura, artes y cultura. U.S.: publisher not identified, 2001.

Betances, de Pujadas, Estrella. Stages of My life. Baltimore, MD.: Publish America, 2004.

Jhensen Ortiz, Librarian


El profesor Max U. Montesino dona su publicación

Gracias Prof. Max U. Montesino por donar a nuestra biblioteca su reciente publicación Retrato del dominicano en la organización: impacto de la cultura nacional en el comportamiento gerencial (Editorial Santuario, 2018).



Este libro contiene un análisis introspectivo sobre el impacto de valores y normas de la cultura nacional dominicana en la conducta organizacional de habitantes de República Dominicana en empresas privadas, instituciones gubernamentales y entidades sin fines de lucro; tanto en el país o como miembros de la diáspora alrededor del mundo. Con esta donación, el Prof. Montesino contribuye a enriquecer los materiales bibliográficos que ofrecemos en nuestra biblioteca a los estudiantes, investigadores y la comunidad que nos visitan.

Jhensen Ortiz


Thank you Dr. Minosca Victoria Alcántara for your visit and kind donation


Professor Sarah Aponte would like to thank Dr. Minosca Victoria Alcántara for donating her dissertation "Latina High School Students Figured World of Stem: Identity Formation in Formal and Informal Communities of Practice" (Teachers College, Columbia University 2015).  We are also grateful for her visit to the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library.

William Parra

Research Assistant


Visita de historiadores dominicanos


El Profesor Anthony Stevens-Acevedo y la Profesora Sarah Aponte, Director Auxiliar y Encargada de la Biblioteca del CUNY DSI respectivamente, agradecen al Dr. Marcos Charles (izquierda en la fotografía) por coordinar la visita de los historiadores dominicanos José C. Novas, (segundo desde la izquierda), Luis Alvarez López (tercero desde la izquierda) y Ramón Emilio Espínola (derecha) a nuestra Biblioteca, donde donaron numerosas publicaciones de su autoría y compartieron ideas para futuras colaboraciones.

 Los historiadores donaron las siguientes publicaciones para que formen parte de nuestra colección:

 Luis Alvarez-López

-          Secuestro de bienes de rebeldes: estado y sociedad en la uìltima dominacioìn espanÞola, 1863-1865

-          Dieciséis conclusiones fundamentales sobre la anexión y la guerra de la restauración (1861-1865)

-          Cinco ensayos sobre el Caribe hispano en el siglo XIX : República Dominicana, Cuba y Puerto Rico 1861-1898

-          Dominican Republic and the Beginning of a Revolutionary Cycle in the Spanish Caribbean

-          Guerras de liberación en el Caribe hispano, 1863-1878

 Ramón Emilio Espínola

-          La participación dominicana en las guerras por la independencia de Cuba

-          Remembranzas: crónicas de la Ocupación 1916-1924, la era de los Estados Unidos.

-          Dominicanas ejemplare: estudio histórico-biográfico y breve análisis del machismo en la historia

-          Trujillo: causas e implicaciones que dieron origen a la dictadura

-          Trujillo y sus relaciones con los gobernantes haitianos

-          Trujillo, anécdotas y cosas de un dictador

-          Mujeres extraordinarias de la patria puertorriqueña

-          Compendio histórico-biográfico de extranjeros que participaron en la formación de la nación dominicana

 José C. Novas

-          El presidente Cáceres: fábula del progreso, el orden y la paz

-          La batuta de Alejandrito: perfil biográfico del general Alejandro Woss y Gil, 1856-1932

-          Twice the diplomat: Frederick Douglass's assignments to the island of Santo Domingo

-          Los gavilleros: la lucha nacionalista contra la ocupación, 1916-1924

-          Balaguer, Trujillo y el beso de Judas

-          Trujillo: La emboscada final: muerte y funeral del generalísimo


William Parra

Research Assistant

Donación del Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración

La Prof. Sarah Aponte agradece la grata acogida del arquitecto José Manuel Antuñano Peralta, Director del  Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración durante su visita a Santiago, República Dominicana.

En la foto, aparecen en compañía de la relacionista Arelis Albino, en donde le obsequian el libro: El Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración; historia y arquitectura por Edwin Espinal Hernández y César Payamps Hernández.


William Parra

Research Assistant

Thank you Professor Rosa Andújar for your visit and kind donation


Professor Sarah Aponte would like to thank Professor Rosa Andújar, Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Department of Liberal Arts at King's College London, for donating her article "The Caribbean Socrates: Pedro Henríquez Ureña and the Mexican Ateneo de la Juventud." We are also grateful for her visit to the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library. This article is part of the book Classics in Extremis: The Edges of Classical Reception (Bloomsbury, 2017) that will be released in early 2018.

William Parra

Research Assistant

Dominican Musician Ricardo Gautreau and his brother Jorge Gautreau Ibarra, NYPD retired sergeant donates family documents, photographs, and music albums to our library.


We would like to thank Ricardo and Jorge for donating their family musical history to our library. They are the first of many musical families we hope to reach out to for the Dominican music in the U.S. website project funded by the NEH. Ricardo Gautreau and his brother Jorge attended the First Blacks in the Americas launching on December 2, 2016 and stayed afterwards to discuss the site with our Chief Librarian Sarah Aponte. Luckily, for me, Prof. Aponte connected me with Ricardo after hearing about the Gautreau musical family history and I followed up to meet with them again the following year. We met on March 6, 2017 and they came with many photographs, news clippings, vinyl records, and other documents pertaining to not just their musical family history, but their ancestral family lineage that goes back centuries in the Dominican Republic. We are grateful to Ricardo and Jorge for entrusting us to preserve their family history and allowing us to share it with the public, scholars, and readers.

A brief biography:

Ricardo Gautreau was born in the Dominican Republic to a musical family. He holds a music degree and a Masters in Bilingual Education from The City College of New York, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. At City College, he studied with noted composer/pianist John Lewis, founder of the immortal Modern Jazz Quartet. He has also studied with master composer/pianist/educator, Ran Blake, and Jazz guitar legend, Sal Salvador. His father Francisco Gautreau arrived with his family in 1963 and integrated himself into the Latin music scene playing with numerous Latin/Latin Jazz bands in New York, including the legendary “Machito and his Afro-Cubans.” His brother, Pablo Canti, was a lead singer and principal songwriter for the popular Salsa band, Conjunto Melao; later he led his bands and wrote hits for stars like Willie Colón and Adalberto Santiago (, 2017). 

Ricardo’s son, Remy, is a talented singer-songwriter of captivating Pop songs that are headed for the top of the charts. He skillfully blends the influence of old-school artists like Sam Cooke with modern day acts like John Mayer and Bruno Mars to create music that is very original, yet very accessible. His music is available on Itunes, Spotify and more (, 2017).

His brother Jorge who accompanied him on his visit served in the New York City Police Department for twenty-five years. His years of public service included founding in 1993 the New York Dominican Officers Organization (NYDO), with the intention of orienting its members about recruiting to the various law enforcement agencies, creating youth athletic programs, and assisting the community via workshops and the dissemination of vital information.
Furthermore, their visit gave us a glimpse of their family’s history and their connection to The City College of New York since their brother Emmanuel Gautreau was a City College valedictorian in 1991.
In addition, they shared information about other family members Manuel Ambrosi Malagón-Fajar who was nominated in 1994 to be commander of a nuclear submarine USS Olympia stationed in Pearl Harbor. 

Among the materials donated, there are three albums from the Gautreau family that are a mixture of different music genres and contain influences from Rock and Roll, Latin music, Pop, and Jazz. The albums are available for listening at the library. Once again, we would like to thank Ricardo and Jorge for sharing their music and history with us for the world to hear, read and enjoy.

Remy Gautreau143

Remy Gautreau144  Remy Gautreau145












If you would like to know more information about Ricardo Gautreau’s music or family history please visit

Jhensen Ortiz

Assistant Librarian

INICIA dona Glorias en busca del oro/ Glories: going for the gold y Los juegos de la inclusión/ The inclusion games a nuestra biblioteca CUNY DSI

La profesora Sarah Aponte desea agradecer a INICIA por haber donado esta magnífica publicación.

Glorias en busca del oro

Glorias en busca del oro / Glories: going for the gold. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: INICIA, 2017.

Los Juegos de la Inclusion 001

Los juegos de la inclusión/ The inclusion games. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: INICIA, 2017. 

Estos dos hermosos libros de colección llenan un gran vacío en la bibliografía histórica del deporte dominicano. Presentan por primera vez algunos de los mejores atletas que la República Dominicana ofrece al mundo. Al ser una publicación bilingüe, nos ayuda a compartir su contenido con un público diverso.

Glorias en busca del oro es un homenaje a todos los hombres y mujeres que han trabajado desde 1945 para organizar el deporte dominicano. Se narra con especial interés la historia del Comité Olímpico Dominicano y todos los atletas que ha triunfado a nivel panamericano y olímpico, desde el bronce de Pedro Julio Nolasco en Los Angeles 1984, pasando por el doble oro de Félix Sanchez en Atenas 2004 y Londres 2012, hasta cerrar con el bronce de Luisito Pie en Rio 2016.
Por otro lado, el libro Los juegos de la inclusión narran historias de atletas dentro del Comité Paralímpico Dominicano mostrando una faceta significativa de la cultura dominicana en la que la capacidad de ilusión y de dedicación esforzada del talento en búsqueda de una meta queda plasmada en el libro.

Recomendamos estos libros a investigadores y público en general interesados en atletas dominicanos y su participación en los Juegos Olímpicos y Paralímpicos Dominicanos. Además pueden ver en Youtube la serie documental Glorias: en busca del oro | Glories: going for the gold que contiene entrevistas con algunos de los atletas dominicanos del pasado y presente con archivo de vídeo de las competencias.


Jhensen Ortiz

Asistente Bibliotecario

Donaciones de Fundación Literaria Aníbal Montaño & Fundación Cuevas del Pomier

Agradecemos la grata visita y generosa donación de Ysabel Florentino, Presidenta de la Fundación Literaria Aníbal Montaño y José Corporán, Presidente de la Fundación Cuevas del Pomier.

Nuestra biblioteca cuenta con poemarios, cuentos, folletos y revistas informativos acerca de estas importantes fundaciones.



Nuestro colega y amigo Keiselim Montás dona cinco de sus publicaciones


Queremos agradecer una vez más al poeta y escritor Keiselim A. Montás por donar varios de sus libros a nuestra biblioteca. La donación es de siete de sus obras: Pequeños Poemas Diurnos, (2005), Como el agua (Élitro Proyecto Zompopos, 2016), Allá (Élitro Proyecto Zompopos, 2012), Amor de ciudad grande (Élitro Proyecto Zompopos, 2006), y Reminiscencias (Editora Nacional, 2007). Estos libros ya están disponible en nuestra biblioteca.

Gracias Keysi!!

Jhensen Ortiz
Asistente Bibliotecario